Cool Thing #37: Admit it — you’re never going to be “caught up.” And here’s what to do about it.

You’ve probably heard of this notion of “radical honesty”. It sounds like a bad idea and probably is. In a business setting, this would mean telling the boss what you really think of his ideas and his pep talks, which would probably make the company better, but you wouldn’t be around to see it.

But there is one place where I can recommend being brutally honest: with yourself. Here’s what got me thinking about honesty:

Jamie Brown, one of the country’s leading insurance agents, has written a book calledDriven to Succeed that’s full of clever ideas for improving an insurance agency. But, here’s what caught my eye…

Jamie is explaining his client-by-client annual insurance review, saying…

Every client gets a phone call once each year inviting them to come in for the review. I outsource only this part of the process. If you try to do it in-house, take my word for it that it just won’t be done – something else more pressing will get in the way.

jamie-natalies-favoriteImagine how “driven to succeed” you must be to become one of the nation’s top insurance agents. You’d be totally buttoned-up, incredibly self-motivated and self-disciplined. And yet, Jamie Brown farms out an important task. Why? Because he knows that while it’s important, it doesn’t come with a deadline — it’s postpone-able.

However, it is NOT postpone-able to the company he hires to make the calls. They’re eager to jump in and get started. They’ll have a deadline and they’ll meet it. They will GET TO IT because they want to and have to.


Let’s be honest with ourselves and agree that…

CaughtUp is a foreign land, probably mythical.

Once you admit that, then your need to regularly review your To-Do list —

Break the items into at least three sub-categories:

Shouldn’t even be on the list – DOA

Should Do and Will Do

Should Do but Will Never Get To

If you need an excuse to farm out your NGTs (that’s Never Get To’s), remember this great line from Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach,


Or, as I like to put it,


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