(Great) Employees Only


With lively language and entertaining stories, (Great) Employees Only reveals how gifted bosses hire, de-hire and inspire, and shows you how to emulate their tactics and success.

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“Let’s say we have two managers who, on the same day, take over identical teams. Both are bright and eager to excel. One has read all the management books on motivation; the other has just this book.”

“In six months, the first manager will have increased productivity by 10 percent, maybe 20 percent. The second boss, using the great employees only system, will have increased productivity by over 100 percent, while putting in one-third fewer hours at the office.”

“Along the way, the great employees only leader will have encountered less resistance, made more friends, learned more, and had far more fun.”

How Gifted Bosses Hire and De-Hire Their Way to Success

You’ll get an insider’s look at forty-eight insights developed from Dale Dauten’s decade of research into America’s most effective leaders, including what it takes to:

  • Master “contrarian hiring”
  • Tap into the “underground talent market”
  • Transform employees into lifelong allies
  • Replace firing with the graceful art of de-hiring
  • Establish a culture that hires and de-hires for you
  • Create the Set-Up-To-Be-A-Hero Syndrome
  • Enjoy the benefits of Effortless Leadership.

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