How to Enjoy Killing the Status Quo

– Ideal for General Session or Working Session/Breakout –

Warrior Mask

Dale has also studied “gifted colleagues,” the people who are so good at what they do they elevate the standards of everyone around them. You’ll encounter surprising conclusions about “organizational energy flows,” and the amazing leverage of “circles of helping.” One executive was so enthused by hearing Dale speak to his managers that he took the microphone and announced, “Before anyone leaves today, I want you to write down three things you are going to do differently because of this meeting. I’ll want you to give me a copy, because I’m going to call you and follow-up.” There was no grumbling, no resistance, because Dale had created that special energy where everyone was eager to put new ideas to use, to “Think like a hero; work like an artist.”

Target Audience:

All-employee meetings, associations, retreats — any audience that needs to be primed for change or needs to have their traditional thinking/methods challenged

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