Innovators’ Lab

– An opportunity to change the culture within your organizations. We come in, help you create your own Innovators’ Lab and build an “idea infrastructure” in your organization…

Comprehensive Professional Development Program


Originally developed for The Blue Moon Project at NASA’s fabled Johnson Space Center in Houston, Dale Dauten and Paula Wigboldy will help you create a vibrant innovation-oriented culture by:

  • recruiting people who want to be part of innovation teams,
  • providing the recruits with an Innovation tools, techniques and coaching sessions,
  • working with them to develop “idea infrastructure” (they help design it, so they “own it”),
  • and coaching them on implementation.

The package includes a license to use The Innovators’ Lab¨ name and artwork, including our beloved “flying brain”

The process typically takes 4-6 months. A train-the-trainer option is also available.

Target Audience:

This is a program to change the culture to be more innovative. It can elevate an entire organization or one or more pieces — a division, department, field operation, or headquarters staff.

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