Mandatory Greatness: The 12 Laws of Driving Exceptional Performance

– Ideal for Opening Keynote or General Session –

“He got me to do more than I thought possible.”

“She thought more of me than I thought of myself and I had to rise up to meet her expectations. “

“She simply would NOT let us fail – we worked miracles for her.”

It’s a rare skill when someone can demand the most of you in such a way that you love them for it. When Dale studied such leaders he came up with a startling concept: Mandatory Greatness. With the help of J.T. O’Donnell, he has written an important new book by the same name.

Dale uses that term to challenge managers to rethink their leadership, to teach people to get comfortable with asking their teams for more. Dale has concluded that most managers are “inadvertent wimps.” They call it being “positive” but it’s really just telling people what they want to hear, setting goals they know they can reach.

Target Audience:

Management, Sr. Level Leadership, Owners (Franchise, Small Business, or Branch leaders), Entrepreneur Groups, or other leadership/supervisory groups within corporate, associations or not-for-profits

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