The Gifted Boss

– Ideal as Keynote or Working Session –

Gifted Boss Book

What do America’s best bosses know that you don’t? In this unique program, Dale offers surprising answers. Having studied hundreds of great managers and executives – the ones he calls “gifted bosses” – he will explain how they THINK, WORK AND COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY.

Working without PowerPoint, flip charts or any other distractions, Dale teaches heart-to-heart the wisdom of gifted bosses, walking through the audience and inviting comments, stories and disagreements.


  • We live in what Dale calls The Time of No Time and he will pass along the techniques the best managers use to find the time and energy to experiment and innovate.
  • You’ll learn “the secret skill” of getting mediocre employees to up their performance (or move on), part of creating “the best place for the best people.”
  • You’ll be offered the encapsulated wisdom of the country’s best bosses, including the language they use to change the conversation and get employees talking about ideas and experiments. “The conversation IS the culture.”

Target Audience:

Management, those in line for management, team leaders, business owners, franchise owners, association leadership, even students hoping to be in leadership

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